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Bare Bones Press, est. 2006, is me, Annie Mok. I publish my minicomics as well as the anthology I edited, Ghost Comics. Orders are shipped via USPS. Please allow three weeks for delivery. E-mail me with any questions, concerns, or a request for a mailing address if you prefer to pay by check or well-concealed cash, at heyanniemok (at) gmail (dot) com

Books are also available from shops: Buy Olympia online; John Porcellino's Spit and a Half online and on never-ending tour; Philadelphia's Locust Moon, Brave New Worlds, Fat Jack's, and Wooden Shoe; Minneapolis's Big Brain; Toronto's The Beguiling; Pittsburgh's Copacetic Comics Company; Chicago's Quimby's; Manhattan's Forbidden Planet and Jim Hanley's Universe, Brooklyn's Desert Island Comics, Bergen St Comics; Berkeley's Fantastic Comics; Baltimore's Atomic Books; and Portland's Cosmic Monkey Comics.

Distro through Tony Shenton, Last Gasp, Diamond (Ghost Comics only), and direct.

I will sign and doodle in your book; just ask and say who I should make it out to.


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Annie Mok (as "Ed Choy"), 2012

This Risograph-printed comic contains "Araby" from Dubliners, a story of an adolescent boy who grapples with unrequited lust, the concept of mortality, and self-deception. It's backed up by a comic version of an excerpt from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and a suite of strips about Joyce himself on the cover.
Frank Santoro featured it in his "New Talent Showcase" at The Comics Journal, calling it "a beaut of a book."

Each paper version comes with a free digital download. The paper version is monochrome, but in alternating purple and blue spreads.

Ed Choy Draws James Joyce (digital - $2 USD)

After checkout, you will be automatically redirected to the PDF. Click "File" -> "Save as" in yr browser to save to yr hard drive. Please email me if you have issues with the PDF.

Ed Choy Draws James Joyce

Annie Mok (as "Eel Mok"), 2012

Its original version was one of Rob Clough's Top 25 Minicomics of 2010 at The Comics Journal

“This one's a must!”Razorcake

The comic begins with Jim Henson’s struggle to bring the Muppeteers' visions to life in "Scenes from the Life and Death of Jim Henson." Next, the cartoonist meditates on the Muppets sneaking into her developmental work, and what one can gleam from Henson and his collaborators. The book finishes with a visit to Henson’s childhood hometown and his adorably humble memorial exhibit (a one-room wooden shack over a creek), in Leland, Mississippi.

16 pages, Risograph printed, green ink, $5

Not currently available from this shop


GHOST COMICS: A Benefit Anthology for RS Eden
Edited by Annie Mok (as "Ed Choy Moorman") with
Assistant Editor Abby Mullen. 2009

Awarded the Xeric Foundation's Grant for Comic Book Self-Publishing, 2008. Named one of the Top 50 Comics of 2009 (Rob Clough, The Comics Journal).

All proceeds benefit Minneapolis substance abuse treatment facility RS Eden.

Read it here (32MB PDF).

Including: Monica Anderson, Tuesday Bassen, Jeffrey Brown, Kevin Cannon, Allison Cole, Warren Craghead, Will Dinski, Will Hayes, Hob, John Hankiewicz, David Heatley, Toby Jones, Reynold Kissling, Aidan Koch, Lucy Knisley, Mike Lowery, Sean Lynch. Jessica McLeod, Sally Madden (as "Sarah Louise Wahrhaftig"), Annie Mok (as "Ed Choy Moorman"), Sarah Morean, Corinne Mucha, Abby Mullen, Madeline Queripel, Evan Palmer, John Porcellino, Zak Sally, Jillian Schroeder, Mark Scott, Eileen Shaughnessy, Jenny Tondera, Maris Wicks, and Jessica Williams.

Book and cover design by Jenny Tondera. Cover illustration by Allegra Lockstadt. Title lettering by Micah Lidberg. Cover art direction by Annie Mok (as "Ed Choy Moorman").

176 pages, Perfect Bound, offset, $10 + shipping

Not currently available from this shop


Annie Mok (as "Ed Choy Moorman"), 2011

"Punchy shorts keep you laughing until you're crying and then you realize you were actually crying all along" - Edie Fake, the Quimblog

"Buy it already!" - Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

Read excerpt, "Mommy's Secret Helper"

16 pages, B&W on ivory and purple paper, $4 + shipping


Annie Mok (as "Ed Choy Moorman"), 2008

"A cartoonist’s appreciation" of Chris Ware and his multifaceted approach to comics.

"A classic of the genre”
– Brett Warnock, Top Shelf Productions

Read it here

8 pages, B&W with color vellum overlay cover, $2 + 1 s/h


Annie Mok (as "Ed Choy Moorman"), 2009

“Easily one of the best comics of the year.” – Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

“Striking images” – Rob Clough, High-Low

A dark, ambiguous fable about a young tomboy who journeys to save her brother from a behemoth in the mountain.

20 pages, B&W, $3 + 1.25 s/h (US)



Annie Mok (as "Ed Choy Moorman"), 2008

“Sonic the Hedgehog” stars in an uneasy trip down memory lane in this comic, made in six hours for the "24 hour comic challenge," in which cartoonists worldwide create a 24-page comic book (which normally takes months) within 24 hours.

24 pages, B&W, $1 + 1 s/h